PT. Afnadi Nusantara

PT. Afnadi Nusantara was established as a residential developer in Indonesia, which is currently working on his first project for the development of housing in the Depok in cooperation with the Navy retirees.

The company is still relatively short  in a housing developer experience yet for this pilot project successful, the management of PT. Afnadi Nusantara  has appointed experts and supported by staff other professionals who are experienced in their respective housing development to be able to carry out this well, high quality and on time.

Our vision is to develop products of high quality housing with efficient and timely manner, consistent with the goal of becoming a trusted developer and market leader at the national scale.

Our mission as the first priority is to build customer satisfaction and professionalism with a touch of innovation undertaken by our existing resources periodically through education and specialized training.

Our concept is the spatial systematically designed with the advanced comfort and safety for occupants. The application of this concept of comprehensive site selection, building the physical environment, all of which aimed to achieve a high standard of comfort.