About Us

PT. Cakrawala Arga Nusantara abbreviated CAN  is a national private company engaged in various fields of business through several business units and subsidiaries, such as telecommunications, mechanical, electrical, civil works, solar cell, gas filling stations and residential contractors.

CAN was determined to build a reputation and competence as a national holding company with businesses that produce the best products and services to customers.


Being a national company with a wide range of business services and industry


Meet customers demand with products and good services at competitive prices with high quality.

Growing businesses can produce products / services that impact the satisfaction of all parties as customers, employees, companies, and principal. Expected with the development of businesses who are members of the CAN  can encourage greater revenue that can help companies to improve the quality of service to customers.

In addition, CAN also serves as a Project Management Center for a business unit or subsidiary to facilitate active contribution in the implementation of projects with outside parties. As a holding company, its role can help empower and exploiting the potential of each company in order to grow and develop more advanced