PT.Reswara Sentosa Triyasa

Reswara Sentosa Triyasa  is a company engaged in Information Technology (IT)  that provides solutions and consulting, software development (Software Development) for the types of desktop and web applications as well as computer networks and the provision of information technology devices.

To support the activities of the company, we provide facilities such as training and profesional teams and work equipment needs.

We are fully committed to providing the best solutions for our customers and we provide the hardware and software high-tech, we also have a very important role in providing the right solution.

We work based on customer needs in delivering the best solutions and services infinite.  We provide information systems development and complete application for all lines of both private and government infrastructure, ranging from small companies to large companies. Supported by the resources that are reliable and skilled in the art (Base Desktop Application, Web Base Design, Networking and System Administration, Troubleshooting, Information System), we strive to provide quality services (Quality of Services) is high for our customers, efficiency in operations and increase the flexibility of the company to thrive in the present and in the future.